Pool Plastering

Surface Repair & Coating

New pool plaster helps to prevent cracks and leaks and will add years to your pool’s life. Additionally, pool maintenance becomes easier and more enjoyable after a completed plaster repair. Furthermore, balancing your pool water can be done with far less harmful chemicals, saving you money over the long run.

Trapani Pools offers two types of pool plaster options in the Lehigh Valley. We provide traditional pool plaster (white plaster) and Diamond Brite, which is an exposed aggregate pool finish.

We recommend Diamond Brite exposed aggregate because it is great for preventing cracks and leaks down the road. Diamond Brite has been on the Market for over 30 years and is well tested, with great results. Additionally, Diamond Brite exposed aggregate offers many color options to choose from. Call us today for a free estimate and we will provide you with numerous color samples for your choosing.

We also offer traditional pool plaster (white plaster), which gives your pool a light blue watercolor.

How can I tell if my pool surface needs plastering?

An in-ground pool is ready to be plastered if you are having trouble keeping the pool clean from algae or chemical stains. Additionally, if your pool is cracked or leaking, it is a time to get it re-plastered. Moreover, if you are unhappy with the swimming pool color or overall look, a new plaster job will bring your in-ground pool back to life.


Trapani Pools is known for using unique decorative mosaics throughout their Lehigh Valley pool renovations. These pool mosaics can add interest and brighten up any older pool. We will introduce you to a master catalog, filled with collections of current tile mosaics, for your choosing.

We can also have mosaics custom designed to meet your needs.

Crack Repair & Delamination

If your pool is not ready for a complete plaster job, Trapani Pools specializes in plaster crack repair.
Draining your pool water to expose the crack damage provides the strongest crack repair, but we can also repair your pool cracks under water if you would rather not drain your pool’s water.

In order to repair a pool crack, Trapani Pools first cuts out each crack approximately one-half inch deep. Next, we remove debris from the crack area and dampen the crack. Then we apply a slurry coat to help with bonding. Last, we apply the appropriate pool plaster and trowel it smooth.

Trapani Pools also offers underwater crack repair. We’ll apply epoxy pool putty directly to your underwater crack and smooth off the excess putty. This is a great technique to use if you are worried that your underwater pool cracks may be leaking. Call us today for a free estimate. We are happy to serve our Lehigh Valley swimming pool repair community.

We provide plaster delamination repair if your swimming pool has pockets of plaster that are bubbling or pulling away from the shell. We will hand chisel the loose plaster and acid wash the damaged area. Next, we will paint the damaged area with a slurry coat that helps with plaster adhesion. Last, we’ll apply new plaster to the damaged area and trowel smooth.


Excellent Painting Job!

” Trapani Pool Restoration did an excellent job painting my in ground pool this summer. My pool is 14 years old and it looks brand new. Mr. Trapani was a joy to have working in our backyard. I’ll be sure to hire him for any future swimming pool repairs. “

Marian Louise ~ Easton PA

...Pool Looks AMAZING!!

” I had Trapani Pool Restoration repair my 25 year old gunite pool which had missing tiles (a lot of missing tiles) and the plaster was discolored and missing in some area’s. Charlie’s crew did an AMAZING job making the pool look new again. I hope I don’t need repairs for another 25 years but when I do I’ll be calling Trapani. “

Michael Matauic ~ Saylorsburg PA

Couldn't Be Happier...

” I hired Trapani pools to replaster my pool and tile part of the skim line. I couldn’t be happier with their work. Mr. Trapani is very friendly and easy to talk to. The job came out great and I can’t wait to get swimming! “

Charles Martini ~ Nazareth PA

Pool Looks Brand New!!

” Trapani Inground Pool Restoration did an amazing job repairing our 21 year old pool this year. Chuck and his crew worked hard chipping out the loose plaster, repairing the missing tiles, and other minor repairs, and it only took 3 days. The pool looks brand new…we couldn’t be happier!!

Renee' Garrison ~ Bethlehem PA