Pool Painting

Surface Repair & Coating

How can I tell if my pool surface needs painting?

In order to determine if your pool needs painting, run your hands across your pool wall. If your fingers have a chalky substance on them, you know it’s likely time to repaint your pool. This chalky substance may be the deterioration of your pool paint. Additionally, if your pool paint is blistering or peeling, it is time to repaint your pool.  Or, just give us a call…we’ll assess your pool’s surface and make sound, HONEST, recommendations for the next step.  Sometimes, contractors will just tell you all your pool needs is a new paint job, but often there are underlying issues that need to be repaired before any coating gets applied.  We do it right the first time because we don’t want you having to repeat an expensive project due to poor workmanship.

Heat Reducing Pool Decks

Is your pool deck uncomfortably hot? Showing signs of old age and wear?  Fortunately, Trapani Inground Pool Restoration can restore & resurface your pool deck with heat-reducing textured finishes.

  • Reduces heat by up to 38%
  • Wide selection of colors
  • Durable, slip-resistant surface
  • Substantial cost savings over demolition and new deck
  • Looks Beautiful!  Check out our work to the left


Excellent Painting Job!

” Trapani Pool Restoration did an excellent job painting my in ground pool this summer. My pool is 14 years old and it looks brand new. Mr. Trapani was a joy to have working in our backyard. I’ll be sure to hire him for any future swimming pool repairs. “

Marian Louise ~ Easton PA

...Pool Looks AMAZING!!

” I had Trapani Pool Restoration repair my 25 year old gunite pool which had missing tiles (a lot of missing tiles) and the plaster was discolored and missing in some area’s. Charlie’s crew did an AMAZING job making the pool look new again. I hope I don’t need repairs for another 25 years but when I do I’ll be calling Trapani. “

Michael Matauic ~ Saylorsburg PA

Couldn't Be Happier...

” I hired Trapani pools to replaster my pool and tile part of the skim line. I couldn’t be happier with their work. Mr. Trapani is very friendly and easy to talk to. The job came out great and I can’t wait to get swimming! “

Charles Martini ~ Nazareth PA

Pool Looks Brand New!!

” Trapani Inground Pool Restoration did an amazing job repairing our 21 year old pool this year. Chuck and his crew worked hard chipping out the loose plaster, repairing the missing tiles, and other minor repairs, and it only took 3 days. The pool looks brand new…we couldn’t be happier!!

Renee' Garrison ~ Bethlehem PA