Additional Services

Repair & Replacement

Acid Washing & Hydroblasting

Trapani Pools offers an acid washing service that will make your pool walls look brilliant again. If your pool is stained due to dirt, algae, chemical imbalance or stagnant water, an acid wash may be exactly what your swimming pool requires.

In order to complete an acid washing of your pool, we will first drain the pool. Our team is well trained in order to determine the amount of acid needed to clean a stained or dull looking pool. An acid wash will remove calcium deposits, dirt, mineral stains, and algae buildup.

An acid wash will bring back the brilliance to your pool walls and make your pool look new again. Trapani Inground Pool Restoration can acid wash painted or plastered pools. If you have dirt or mineral stains, acid washing is a true solution. Call us today for a free estimate.

Concrete Sidewalk & Pool Deck Repair:

Sidewalk & Pool Deck Resurfacing

Trapani Pools can resurface any sidewalk that is cracked, uneven, damaged or discolored. Our resurfacing products will make your old concrete slabs look like new, without having to remove the current concrete sidewalks.

Concrete sidewalk resurfacing is a cost-effective skim coat, applied over the top of an existing concrete slab. First we patch any existing cracks or holes. After application of our resurfacing product, you will be left with a smooth, flat, light grey slab, which we can stain any color of your choosing, for a brand new looking sidewalk.

Sidewalk & Pool Deck Resurfacing Crack Repair

Trapani Pools can repair any sidewalk cracks around your swimming pool in the Lehigh Valley. We’ll have your sidewalks looking like new.

We use a crack-chaser blade to clean and cut all existing cracks. This blade leaves us with a one-half inch deep joint. Next we apply a flexible waterproofing bond coat cement to fill the existing joint. We recommend this type of cement due to its high durability and minimal shrinkage. Finally, we’ll trowel it smooth and your sidewalk will look brand new and ready to walk on the next day.

Coping, Sidewalk & Pool Deck Staining

Trapani Inground Pool Restoration specializes in a concrete staining process that will bring your swimming pool coping and sidewalks back to life. We offer a wide variety of color selections for your choosing.

First, we’ll use a 5,000 psi turbo unit washer to clean and etch the area to be stained. This helps our stains to bond with your existing sidewalks and pool copings. We only use siliconized stain products that are 100% acrylic and weather resistant.

Trapani Pools can stain your pool copings and your sidewalks. This will change your old, discolored concrete and make your surfaces look brilliant and renewed.

Heat Reducing Pool Decks

Is your pool deck uncomfortably hot? Showing signs of old age and wear?  Fortunately, Trapani Inground Pool Restoration can restore & resurface your pool deck with heat-reducing textured finishes.

  • Reduces heat by up to 38%
  • Wide selection of colors
  • Durable, slip-resistant surface
  • Substantial cost savings over demolition and new deck
  • Looks Beautiful!  Check out our work to the left

Pool Skimmer Repair & Underwater Light Replacement

Trapani Inground Pool Restoration offers a variety of skimmer repair services. Many times, the tile grout at the mouth of the plastic skimmer will have worn away. In order to repair this issue, we’ll fill the gap with waterproof epoxy putty and your skimmer will be functioning properly in no time.

If your in-ground pool skimmer is physically damaged or cracked, we may need to apply a sealant to the damaged or cracked areas. Additionally, we provide complete replacement of pool skimmers, if necessary. Call Trapani Pools today for your FREE ESTIMATE.

Diving Board & Pool Ladder Repair & Replacement

If your pool’s diving board, ladder, safety handrails or grab bars are showing signs of wear & tear, Trapani Inground Pool Restoration can repair or replace these for you to keep your swimmers safe.  

Many homeowners also contact us for removal of diving boards and slides (mostly due to higher insurance rates or local ordinance changes).  We can remove slides and diving boards and resurface the mounting area to blend in with the rest of your pool decking.

Pool Winter Watch

Winter poses the greatest risk for potential damage in and around your pool due to temperature fluctuations, storms, runoff, and the presence of heavy snow and ice. Our Winter Watch Program aims to safeguard your swimming pool and equipment throughout the challenging Lehigh Valley winter season.  Our service includes:

  • Total of 4 winter watch visits during the winter months
  • Adjust water level to preserve tile and equipment
  • Remove water that has accumulated on top of cover
  • Check and adjust pool cover as needed.
WinterWatch Pool winterization

How often do I need to acid wash my pool?

If you regularly clean your pool and keep it in good shape, chances are you will only need to acid wash your swimming pool every 5-7 years. Because acid washing uses harsh chemicals, it is not recommended to get your pool acid washed more frequently than that.  Acid washing is normally reserved for removing stubborn, heavy stains like magnesium, copper, hard water and algae.


Excellent Painting Job!

” Trapani Pool Restoration did an excellent job painting my in ground pool this summer. My pool is 14 years old and it looks brand new. Mr. Trapani was a joy to have working in our backyard. I’ll be sure to hire him for any future swimming pool repairs. “

Marian Louise ~ Easton PA

...Pool Looks AMAZING!!

” I had Trapani Pool Restoration repair my 25 year old gunite pool which had missing tiles (a lot of missing tiles) and the plaster was discolored and missing in some area’s. Charlie’s crew did an AMAZING job making the pool look new again. I hope I don’t need repairs for another 25 years but when I do I’ll be calling Trapani. “

Michael Matauic ~ Saylorsburg PA

Couldn't Be Happier...

” I hired Trapani pools to replaster my pool and tile part of the skim line. I couldn’t be happier with their work. Mr. Trapani is very friendly and easy to talk to. The job came out great and I can’t wait to get swimming! “

Charles Martini ~ Nazareth PA

Pool Looks Brand New!!

” Trapani Inground Pool Restoration did an amazing job repairing our 21 year old pool this year. Chuck and his crew worked hard chipping out the loose plaster, repairing the missing tiles, and other minor repairs, and it only took 3 days. The pool looks brand new…we couldn’t be happier!!

Renee' Garrison ~ Bethlehem PA